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Flame Coins Guide

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1 Flame Coins Guide on Sun Jan 08, 2017 11:47 pm

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to your guide on what flame coins are and how to get them.

What are Flame Coins?
- Flame Coins the currency we use here at Darkness Flame Academy.

What are Flame Coins used for?
- Flame Coins are used for the purchase of interesting things from the Flame Store.

How can I get Flame Coins?
- Flame Coins have to be earned, they can not be given or gifted. The current ways to get Flame Coins are listed below.
   + You can get 70 Flame Coins from recruiting a new member as stated in this topic: Recruitment Zone.
   + You can get 10 Flame Coins by creating a new topic and 5 Flame Coins from posting under a topic already made.
   + You can get 100 to 200 Flame Coins by challenging others to Darkness Arena Duels as stated in this topic: Darkness Arena Guidelines.
   + You can get a numerous amount of Flame Coins by challenging others in Prime Darkness Duels as stated in this topic: Prime Darkness Duels.
   + You can enter tournaments and other events that will give you set FC for the event when they come up on the table above the chatbox.
   + You can play the DFA Lottery once per day as found at this thread: DFA Lottery.
   + You can, after you purchase a GFX Shop from the flame store have others visit your shop and you can charge them set prices for that you make for your graphics.
   + You can fight your way from the Chaos Emperor dorm up to the five-headed dorm and upon entry gain 300 Flame Coins as complimentary by the staff team.

Hope you all enjoy this nice little cheat cheat on how to get flame coins and hopefully it was helpful.


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