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Problems with my play style

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1 Problems with my play style on Wed Feb 21, 2018 11:54 pm


I apologize if I was not supposed to post anything in here yet or if this is the wrong place for this topic.

I have noticed that my play style has problems that are keeping me from being the best I can be at this game. If you’ve ever dueled me then you’ll know how I play. I like to use aggressive OTK decks that are either tool boxes like Synchrons or just overwhelming like Lightsworn. That’s my style. I summon a giant monster as fast as I can to win in one hit. My problem is that I focus to much on just making a deck that gets the monster out and not getting it out SAFELY. Anyone who has dueled me will notice that I almost never pop backrow when I really should. The reason why is because I fail to add enough backrow popping cards to my deck. This results in my giant monster getting solemned or trap holed often. I need help learning to incorporate the ability to pop backrow into my decks without throwing off my combos and slowing my deck down. Another one of my problems is that I focus way to much on what is currently on the board and forget about what could be in my opponent’s hand or deck. This usually results in stuff like battle fader or other hand negators (WHY DO THESE EXIST?). Can anyone help me with this stuff? You could probably point out other things I have missed that are messing me up.

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