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Let’s talk cars. Are you a ricer or a tuner?

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This has nothing at all to do with Yu-Gi-Oh, but the forum has been way to quiet recently so I thought I would try to ignite a discussion, this just happened to be the first topic to come to mind.

Now let’s move onto the topic, cars. What’s your dream car? Why is it your dream car? Would you consider yourself a ricer or a tuner? Do you prefer JDM or American muscle or something completely different?

I find it hard to decide on my dream car, but I have it narrowed down to five possible candidates. The candidates being; BMW i8, BMW M3 e36, Toyota 86 (aka Scion FR-S), Dodge Challenger Hellcat, and last but not least a 2005 Ford Mustang.

I know the i8 is insanely slow (except for its instant torque) and is way overpriced, but it looks sick and doesn’t perform badly from all the reviews I have read and watched on it.

As for the BMW M3 e36, unless you have no knowledge of cars whatsoever I doubt I need to explain my reasons for wanting this thing.

The FR-S/86 is something I want because it’s actually not that bad (it’ll never be a beast on the drag strip or track, but I don’t want it for that). It looks great and performs great as well.

I love, love, love Dodge and the Challenger Hellcat is a freaking beast. A gas guzzling beast, but still a freaking beast. It’s pretty much the last true American muscle car. It has kept the same body style with only minor changes unlike the Mustang and Camaro, and it performs wonderfully on the drag strip.

The Mustang just has a place in my heart and stands the best chance at becoming my one and only dream car. I don’t like the newer models, mostly because they don’t look like a traditional muscle car (a look that the Mustang determined by itself when it became one of the first pony cars), but the 2005 model does without being incredibly old and outdated. Mustangs also perform incredibly well, please refrain from saying something about the stereotype. I am well aware of it and think it’s bull crap. It’s not the freaking cars fault, it’s the drivers fault. Blaming the car for sliding into a crowd is like blaming a gun for shooting someone. Someone still has to pull the damn trigger!

I don’t own a car yet so I can’t consider myself as either a ricer or a tuner, but I would rather be a tuner. As for JDM vs American muscle or something else, I am open to any of them honestly but I prefer American muscle.

Now it’s your guys’ turn.

(P.S. if you already own your dream car post a pic and tell us if it is as good as you hoped.)23:58:11


I’ve officially decided on my dream car. Turns out it isn’t even on the original list. It’s a 1988 Chrysler Conquest. It looks so nice. I love cars with pop-up headlights and it has a nice sleak body. I’ll either make it the first car I buy or I’ll buy a BMW 528i that my mom wants to get. I’ll pay half and she’ll pay the other half, then I get to drive it. It’s supposed to be a backup car for my dad when he can’t use a motorcycle he wants to get. Either way I could get to drive or own an awesome car.

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