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The Book of Life

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1 The Book of Life on Sun Jan 08, 2017 11:43 pm


Mann, Ages have I played this game, though yata lock to now I seen it all its crazy to watch a game morph so much crazy man anyways lets lead into the journey of not only this game but mine as well for fair messaure.

It all started when 14 years ago and funny enough its the only thing i recall from that time, I was having a birthday party at my house. We had some boss cake man, killer ice cream all the goods. When it came time to open up presents I was incredibility motivated to open them, as if something was drawing me near them. I opened the frist one it was a Maxaillion Pegagus starter Deck That just came out, Finally i said to my self something to play other then chess. After the party, i met up with some of my friends they had decks as well and wanted to duel me so i sat down in my room with the people who i would later call friends dueled me, i was shocked how fun the game as how you had to plan out your plays and then try to outplay what they where doing, they already had extra card in there decks so I used my powerful toons to overpower them in a few turns and beat my friends.(2002-2004)

After that, I started making my own deck with cards i have gotten from my friends and people I anted and beat. My deck came to together the deck that I lead to school one day, shocked by how many people played i started dueling them it was very clear that i was killing them in every chance of the word. Until i dueled against somebody who came back from topping A tournament for this game, He used a deck we know now as yata lock he quickly beat me, even though i did do well it was not good enough, He gave me tips on my deck and told me i should enter tournaments, However after that i started to duel less and less.

(2007- to now)
I have been playing the yu-gi-oh games but other then that never got  cards after the loss. Thats when I found youtube and saw a person recording himself dueling on a website online, So i contacted him and asked him about the website and he told me, It was Dueling Network a website where you can play online for free and gave me the link. I was on that website for about 2 days in row the idea i was dueling others again filled my heart with gold. I made Many friends on Dueling Network and created and helped build a clan known as guardians to see it fall,

After it all i guess its been a wild ride and one I am glad I placed time into, If your have the time and the willingness to stay though this game, you learn so much about it anyways thanks for reading this long thing- Xathnox
Very Happy

2 Re: The Book of Life on Sun Jan 08, 2017 11:56 pm

Nice to have you here with us at DFA. Great Job on the Intro. Welcome again, congrats on Dark End Dorm, and good luck!


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