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DFA Rules

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1 DFA Rules on Thu Dec 15, 2016 1:18 am

Chatbox Rules:
No spam allowed in the chat.
No Sexual Suggestions in the chat.
1st Offense: Verbal Warning
2nd Offense: Kick from chat
3rd Offense: A ban according to the level of spam.
*Note Offenses Are Cumulative and go away after 24hrs*

Links with inappropriate material are unaccepted. This includes forums we are not affiliated with and pornographic material alike. This also includes jump scares.. Affiliated academy or forum links may be posted, just not spammed.
This will be responded with an automatic one-day ban.

Posting one or more Memes or images in the chatbox in rapid sucsession is considered spam

No harassment of members. This is zero tolerance.
1st Offense: Kick from the chat and verbal warning
2nd Offense: An hour ban.
If the harassment continues on another site, the one being harassed must screenshot it as proof. If the proof is given, the ban will be extended to 2 days. If after the hour ban, the member comes back and is still harassing other members, it will be an automatic ban for the rest of the day without warning. Any later offenses may result in an extended ban or a permanent ban.

No long rants about religion or politics in the chat unless approved by the highest current rank in the chat. This is considered spam unless approved.

Always respect and listen to staff members in the chat, even if they are not moderated. All members must be considerate of others' beliefs and customs unless it directly harms or harasses another member.
           (Punishment will be the same as general harassment)

Forum Rules in General:

No Necro-Posting, which means no pointing in topics that haven't been posted in for two weeks or more. So, no reviving dead posts. The post will be automatically deleted when seen.The only exception is founder/admin approval.

No sexual posts, all posts will be automatically deleted when seen.

No spam posts or unnecessary posts. This includes any post that is less than three words. Such as "Lol", "Cool", "Amazing", "Bruh", or just "Okay" as one word. Each post must have at least a little substance. Any post seen and ruled as spam will be automatically deleted.The Only Exception is Forum Games.

No multiple accounts. The first offense of this will result in a ban of the extra account and a verbal warning. Any other post offenses by members will result in a permanent ban from the forum.

Do not make unnecessary posts that deliberately are set to humiliate one particular person/group or posts that can deliberately start an major argument. Any topics found to be causing a major argument/major conflict inside and outside the topic itself will be deleted. Just pm the certain person you wish to talk to instead of getting the whole academy in on it.

Do Not Beg for staff, your wish will fall on deaf ears.

All staff Will Be Treated Equally.

No Staff Should Over Step There Bounds.

If you have any questions about these rules, please talk to an administrator or higher ranked member and inquire.

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